What We Do


Products are standardized and scalable units. They are the result of the experience gained from solving complex problems.


Solutions are the answer to specific business needs. They combine flexibility and robustness, as they are based on relevant applied know-how.

Special Projects

Special Projects are research and development activities, applying cutting-edge technologies. They consist of algorithms and models, to meet customer needs and carry out studies for the benefit of the community.


Computer Vision for the manufacturing industry

Tecnologie: Computer Vision

People / Object Flow Analysis in complex environments

Tecnologie: Machine Learning


Computer Vision for Quality Inspection

We develop Machine Learning-based solutions to detect product defects. Compared to traditional vision systems, our Computer Vision solutions are more flexible, more robust under changing conditions and good at identifying complex defects.

Algorithms for Anomaly Detection

We analyze raw data coming from machines, plants or infrastructures and intercept anomalous patterns. We are able to make predictions about the process and generate the self-regulation of the system.

Digital Twins for Process Simulation

We develop algorithms that allow to model and digitally replicate physical machines. We can predict the effect of an input variation on a machine, a production line or a system, have full control of the process and prevent critical situations.

Tracking of People and Objects

We track people or objects in real time, to extract an anonymous flow analysis. We analyze behaviors, predict actions, provide probability calculations and extract aggregate data, in historical series or real time.