PPE Checker: safety check on construction sites

According to the Nation Institute for Insurance Against Accident at Work (INAIL), the accidents at work reported in Italy in 2019 were 644,907. Of the reported claims, 37,327 occurred in construction companies, 159 of which were fatal. It is known that the failure or incorrect use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as helmets, harnesses and gloves, represents a factor that raises the level of risk of the activities.

To concretely address the problem, Sikuro Group and AISent have devised PPE Checker, a solution for the control of Personal Protective Equipment. In full compliance with the GDPR regulation, it is possible to use the cameras already installed and monitor the flows of workers, to promptly report any breach of safety provisions.

PPE Checker, with one click every 20 seconds, counts the number of people at the workplace; reports the number of employees who do not wear PPE; recognizes if high visibility helmets and jackets are correctly positioned; and records how long the security conditions have not been respected. Furthermore, in the proximity of a physical gate, PPE Checker grants access to people who use PPE only.

In addition, a graphical interface allows both real-time monitoring and access to the data history. Through a rapid processing of information, it is possible to intervene promptly in potential dangerous situations and to monitor the constant use of protection tools.

From a technical point of view, the solution can be mainly divided into two applications. The first is based on an object detection model that identifies operators and PPE and verifies the correct use of the protection tools through heuristics. The second, finally, tracks these metrics over time, logs them into InfluxDB, raises alarms and interfaces with the other systems of the construction site, in order to immediately alert safety managers.